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Anonymous: Life goals dreams

idk i wanna graduate high school and then somehow become a prison guard even tho im rly tiny but thats okay. i also wanna find someone who i will end up marrying and spending the rest of my life with. i wanna be able to make a ton of money so i can take care of the important people in my life. i also wanna adopt a lot of different types of dogs🙈 uhm idk i just hope one day everything will be okay and ill be happy and ill be able to make others happy as well and yeah:)

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selfies @ 2:40am bc i cant sleep so hmu

Anonymous: Best way to waste the day?

netflix, online shopping, sleeping, eating, playin animal crossing on my ds, idk thats how i normally waste a day lol

Anonymous: What's your favorite book? :)

the maze runner series or the if i stay series

Anonymous: Tell me about your dreams!

like dreams sleep dreams or dreams like hopes and goals

Anonymous: helllloo. i hope you're okayy goodnightttt. 👽💕

aw thank you, you too, sweet dreams anon

can i get anons bc i cant sleep

can i get anons bc i cant sleep

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if this gets notes, imma cry so hard. and ‘onlyablonde’ is my instagram
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i really like this picture omg
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gnarly dudee
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pissface <333
instagram: @okfrances
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can someone buy me more flannels pls they make me rly happy
IG: kali_wbu
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